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Zener Diode Voltage Test

Nearly 6 months into my electronics hobby, still loving it. There is so much to learn sometimes I think my poor old brain, lol. Anyway’s, after playing with some Zener diodes I got them mixed up and then got confused about which were which. I have to put them back in the right baggies so I found a method of figuring the forward voltage. I hope to demonstrate my simple understanding. Can this old dog learn a few new tricks?

eBay DS1302 Clock Kit Basic Functions

5th attempt to make this video. I switched to a Linux machine and the video quality was not good. I am back on windows 8.1 pro but have half built another machine for Linux. I liked the video editing software on Linux but the cam capture software was not good codex quality. Anyways, that’s nothing to do with the DS1302 Clock KIt off eBay and from Asia. I like this little kit and was a great second attempt at SMD work. This video shows the basic functions of the clock.