Setting Up My Bench

What I have is a poor man’s electronics bench. It is sparse but has enough for me to get by. I needed to set up my electronics bench on a very tight budget and without any real prior knowledge of what is good and what is bad to use.
I had an idea of what I might need also what I might want, access to the internet and a few hundred pounds.
My first buy was a multimeter. I wanted a good all rounder but on that budget so after watching quiet a few YouTube reviews a decided on a Bryman 867’s. I was more expensive than I would have hoped for but it is a really nice meter and I do not regret the buy.
Next was a power supply. This was such a nerve wreaking experience. So many cheap Asian supply’s out there with different brands but looking quite similar. The first one was a Tenma 72-10480. 0 – 30 volts 0 – 3 amp’s seemed enough and it had milliamp and millivolt resolution. Unfortunately the display kept losing segments and it had to go back. Then I acquired a generic 0 – 30 volt to 0 – 10 amp switch mode supply off Ebay. The Ebay advert showed pictures indication 10’s of milliamp’s resolution but that did not turn out right. When the supply arrived it had 100’s of milliamp resolution, no testing Zener diodes for me. Then I bought a Circuit Specialists CSI5005X, OMG this was not good and had to go back. It had nothing no features at all. The TENMA has lots. Now I have a RIGOL DP832 and love it. Three channels 0 – 30 volts 0 – 3 amps on two and 0 – 5 volts 0 – 3 amps on the third. Its great and I feel very confident controlling the power testing circuits and Zener diodes etc. A good supply is a must I think it is worth spending a few extra pounds to get good features. I use the 0 – 10 amp one for high current circuits like Tesla coils, ZVS drivers etc.

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