Ebay AT89C2051 Electronic Clock Suite KIT

Another unknown eBay item from China. I must stop drinking and shopping. Or eBay should put a breathalyser on the Buy Now buttons, lol my bad.
Anyways … Seems to be a timer counter but I haven’t really got a clue why I bought it. Maybe just because its a kit and will help my solder skills improve by practicing.

All music in public domain. I got it of a free music website which lets you download and use for these and other sorts of video’s
Knowledge Is The Power – Bryan Art
Sound recording
3:28 – 6:50
DIY electronics experiments as an electronics enthusiast.

DIY DS1302 Rotating LED Electronic Digital Clock Kit

Nice little clock, I have mine in constant use in my electronics room. I use an old laptop battery which is charged from my solar panel to keep it working. I have added a 22 ohm resistor in series with the power in to reduce the brightness also giving me more time between charges from the solar system.

Advertised info.
Alarm clock: You can set the alarm for the length of time, and the music
The whole point timekeeping: You can set the whole point of timekeeping, and the music

There are 7 kinds of music you can set:
A. “D””D””D””D” ( Default alarm tone )
B. Broadcast timekeeping ( The whole point timekeeping default ringtone )
C. Jasmine ( Chinese music )
D. For Elise
E. Canon
F. Give a little Time to Your Love ( Richard Clayderman)
G. BBK ( Chinese music )

Welding note:
1, P1 for the development of the interface, not welding.
2, component identification:
Components with no positive or negative polarity: Resistance (R1~R15) , Thermistor(RT1), Ceramic capacitors
( C4 , C5 ), Monolithic capacitor (C2 , C3 ), Crystal oscillator (Y1) , Keys (S1, S2).
Distinguishing positive and negative elements:LED(D1~D60),Battery seat(BT1),Electrolytic capacitor(C1),
Buzzer(LS1),These elements should be noted that the positive and negative poles of the circuit board are to be noted.
Other multi pin element:STC15W408AS ( U1), DS1302( U2), S8550( Q1 ), Block USB (USB1), These
elements should be noted in the same direction as the circuit board.
3,Positive welding LED, digital tube, Thermistor, and other components of the welding in the back.
4,LED has two colors, the less number of color welding in a large number of corresponding position, and the rest of the
location of a number of more than one color.
5,U2, C4, C5, Y1, BT1 must be welded before the digital tube, pay attention to the points on the digital tube.
6,The working voltage of the kit is 5V, the battery on back is only for the power down save time.

Download PDF’s for this kit User Guide V1.2