eBay DS1302 Clock Kit Basic Functions

5th attempt to make this video. I switched to a Linux machine and the video quality was not good. I am back on windows 8.1 pro but have half built another machine for Linux. I liked the video editing software on Linux but the cam capture software was not good codex quality. Anyways, that’s nothing to do with the DS1302 Clock KIt off eBay and from Asia. I like this little kit and was a great second attempt at SMD work. This video shows the basic functions of the clock.

New Version DSO138 Oscilloscope JYE Tech SMD’s Build pt1

An upgraded version of the DSO138 Oscilloscope by JYE Tech Ltd.
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Electronic kit build including SMD’s
This version I have to solder the SMD’s which are normally pre-soldered. I have never soldered SMD’s before so am popping my SMD cherry, if you get me.

They claim: Significantly lowered noises. Comparing: [NEW] vs [OLD] in measuring the built-in test signal.
Waveform can be saved to and recalled from non-volatile memory.
Enhancement in Test Mode with auto short-circuit detection capability.
Supports two types of TFT controllers (ILI9341 and ILI9325/9328).

Going to build pre-test, calibrate the probe and troubleshoot if necessary.

Crystal Radio eBay Poldhu Radio DIY KIT

I am not sure how this works. With the power on it does not matter if the tube is in or not in night mode it works pulling in signals nice and loud through my amp. In crystal mode nearly nothing and the two stations it picks are are hardly audible.. With it in day mode it will not work without the tube but it distorts real bad when you tune it in.

eBay Poldhu Radio DIY KIT Crystal HF receiver pt3 of 3

I decided to change the detector diode for one which has a lower forward voltage and the blue LED for a orange/yellow LED. I think it looks better but that is just my opinion. Truth be told I would prefer it a little dimmer and will probably make it so.
I give it a thumbs up and now have a reference to build my own too.

eBay Poldhu Radio DIY KIT Crystal HF receiver

I bought a Crystal Radio Set. A Poldhu, its a kit on eBay. I wanted to compared a real crystal radio receiver with one that I had made. So I bought a DIY kit. It has a Valve / Tube as well as the ability to be just crystal. After I built it I did make a couple of changes, not because the set was bad, because I wanted an aesthetics change and to try a germanium detector diode with a lower forward voltage to see what if any difference it would make.