RD DPS-5015 Boosted PSU

Published on Sep 10, 2016
“RD DPS5015 Constant Voltage current Step-down Programmable digital Power Supply buck Voltage converter color LCD voltmeter 15A” from AliExpress (link below)
i want to use it with my solar battery bank. So I need to boost the battery power first and manage it before applying that power to the DPS5015 for me to use.


Charging non rechargeable battery

If you can see a problem with what I do leave a comment as it is far more constructive and intelligent than thumbs down.
WARNING Non rechargeable battery’s should NEVER be charged in a battery charger.
This is how I charge MY non rechargeable batteries. I do not suggest you do this as it can be dangerous. If you do, be sure to supervise the charging process.


TENMA DC Power Supply

TENMA Digital Control DC PSU. So far so good. I like it. It is not noisy compared to some other affordable PSU’s.

It is stocked at a very reputable company, Farnell. I have not seen any re brands of this so far. It is full of functions and one of these i like best is the Output button providing a clean power switch from low to high.
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