Basic Chinese Multimeter Tester Comparisons

A basic comparison of GM328 transistor tester/ ESR table / LCR / frequency meter / square wave generator
MK-328 TR\LCR\ESR Transistor LCR ESR tester semiconductor device analyzer M100 C
and Auto LCR Digital Electric Bridge Resistance Capacitance Inductance ESR Meter
My Brymen 867s is made in Taiwan, is that China? There is the link anyway as it is in the video.

Do not pay ridiculous prices for these as they can be found at very reasonable prices on eBay. Shop around.
Not all functions tested as video is 50 minutes already. Will test the rest in another video.

Brymen BM867s Manual
GM328 Multi Tester Instructional Manual
MK-328 TR\LCR\ESR Multi Tester M100 Manual
LCR Digital Electric Bridge ESR Capacitance LCR Meter Manual


New Version DSO138 Oscilloscope JYE Tech SMD’s Build pt1

An upgraded version of the DSO138 Oscilloscope by JYE Tech Ltd.
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Electronic kit build including SMD’s
This version I have to solder the SMD’s which are normally pre-soldered. I have never soldered SMD’s before so am popping my SMD cherry, if you get me.

They claim: Significantly lowered noises. Comparing: [NEW] vs [OLD] in measuring the built-in test signal.
Waveform can be saved to and recalled from non-volatile memory.
Enhancement in Test Mode with auto short-circuit detection capability.
Supports two types of TFT controllers (ILI9341 and ILI9325/9328).

Going to build pre-test, calibrate the probe and troubleshoot if necessary.