Electron Flower

I have given this effect its own name, Electron Flower. It looks like a flower, thistle maybe. Touching it might feel prickley.
Using the solid state Tesla coil with its secondary wire pointing upwards, the wire spins like a lasso but the electrical effect is like what I like to call an Electron Flower.
This is my TIP35c based circuit power with 30 volts and up to 4 amps.

New Jacobs Ladder and ZVS Driver

My first circuit with Mosfets. I used two for this project, scary as I had only used BJT’s (bipolar power transistors) before, mainly 2N3055’s and TIP35c’s.
Another new component a 90mH inductor to protect my circuit and supply from high voltage spikes, if I understand its function correctly. Its built around the Mazilli ZVS (zero voltage switching) driver circuit. I like it because it switches when the Mosfets are at zero. This zero voltage switching means the Mosfets will run cooler which is a great help for preserving the Mosfets and the project. I have managed to get the Flyback itself to run cooler by removing the metal clip around the ferrite core. After feeling how hot my primary turns would get and looking at a induction heating circuit using a driver circuit just like mine, I realised the heat being generated was by the metal clip itself. The clip was heating as metal would if it were in that primary coil instead of the ferrite core.

DIY Mazilli ZVS Flyback Driver

Playing with High Voltages can be lethal. Please do not attempt to replicate any of these high voltage circuits without proper training.

WIN_20151110_195648This is a great project. Find yourself a Flyback, high voltage transformer from the back of a TV. You will need to identify the earth from the pins and the red cable coming from the top is required. You can identify the earth easily once you have built the driver.
WIN_20151110_195616Components needed: Two IRFP 250N or 260N Mosfets, two 470 ohm resistors, two 12 volt .5 or 1 watt Zener diodes, two 10k resistors, two UF4007 diodes or any decent very fast switching diodes, a 50 – 200uH inductor and a .68uF capacitor. I used two .33uF 1200VDC to share the load. Make sure your capacitors are good one’s. I have used MKP’s.

ZVS Flyback Driver     ZVS Flyback Driver     ZVS Flyback Driver

I turned 5 turns eachside of the center tape, keeping the turns in the same direction. The other turns to the right are to be ignored for this particular circuit.
I made a video, check it out below.

ZVS Circuit

Hope you enjoy the project and give it a build. Thanks for viewing.