RD DPS-5015 Boosted PSU

Published on Sep 10, 2016
“RD DPS5015 Constant Voltage current Step-down Programmable digital Power Supply buck Voltage converter color LCD voltmeter 15A” from AliExpress (link below)
i want to use it with my solar battery bank. So I need to boost the battery power first and manage it before applying that power to the DPS5015 for me to use.


Charging non rechargeable battery

If you can see a problem with what I do leave a comment as it is far more constructive and intelligent than thumbs down.
WARNING Non rechargeable battery’s should NEVER be charged in a battery charger.
This is how I charge MY non rechargeable batteries. I do not suggest you do this as it can be dangerous. If you do, be sure to supervise the charging process.