Home Grown TPA3122 Amp Electronics Project

Built the TPA3122 or I think it may be termed, I grew an amp around the TPA3122 today. Its my second attempt at this one so I am really happy it works. It is not great but I have some improvements to make as searching around I found other ways of cleaning up the sound. Even without the improvements its not to bad. What say you?
DIY electronics experiments as an electronics enthusiast.

Home made DIY 12V regulated power supply and LM386 Amp

As a novice and hobbyist I am having so much fun playing with electronic components. This is my own power supply made from some old and some new parts connected to a little home brew LM386 amp circuit. I am really impressed with the little amp as at just 12 volts the sound fills my room, mono.
There is a certain sort of good feeling building your own circuits, my music sound so much more …..

LM386 Home Grown Amplifier

I was amazed at the quality of sound from this little mono amplifier. No wonder it was so widely used. Unfortunately it is no longer produced by Texas Instruments.
I watch quiet a few video tutorials about building this little amp. The trick is to get it quiet, no hum or buzzy high sounds. A couple of video’s I watched were all about correct wiring of amplifiers which helps reduce hum. Getting the correct layout is a must for amps to sound great and it is worth spending the extra time to get it right. I have bought one of these on-line and did a comparison of power video, thinking about it I should have also compared sound. Anyway’s mine worked better, yeah I can not believe it. Here is the video take a peek. Power comparison video LM386.

This is the working amp

Home Grown LM386 VS Store Bought LM386 Kit

After building a little amplifier using the LM386 chip I had a store bought version come in the post from China. I must stop drinking and browsing Ebay for electronic kits as I can never remember what I bought and even if I went on Ebay. Maybe Ebay should fit my account with a breathalyser and test me before allowing me to ‘Buy it Now’. Anyway I built the kit and listened using the same speaker and found it tinny compared with the one I built. Also the variable resister on the kit was the wrong way around which I noticed on a couple of video’s they had the same wrong way round pot. Turn left the volume went up and turn right the volume went down?? Maybe they all used the same layout.
I wanted to do a comparison for a couple of reasons. One was to see if I could, and the other was to use my scope and FFT functions and signal generator. Everything is the experiment and so for me the satisfaction of making this work is awesome.

Here is my amateur comparison.