TENMA DC Power Supply

TENMA Digital Control DC PSU. So far so good. I like it. It is not noisy compared to some other affordable PSU’s.

It is stocked at a very reputable company, Farnell. I have not seen any re brands of this so far. It is full of functions and one of these i like best is the Output button providing a clean power switch from low to high.
Please give a thumbs up if you like or find helpful 🙂
DIY electronics experiments as an electronics enthusiast.

Slayer Exciter SSTC Tesla Coil Air Inductor

After trying a 350 turn secondary with a BD135 I decided to make another with 850 turns on the secondary. It did work better and was more fun especially when I swapped the transistor for a TIP35C. I killed 4 of the BD135’s giving the circuit to much welly. So big was proving to be better and when I added a couple of ceramic 100nf capacitors in parallel things got even better 🙂 So again the urge to make another came on. This time 2700 turns and yes again the playing got better. Now I need power I only have 3 amperes and less using 30 volts 🙁 But still its not to bad.

Solid State TESLA Coil Exciter Update 2

Playing with a circuit I replicated from Ludic Science. I kept killing transistors so I have changed the transistor to a TIP35c changed the secondary to 850 turns and primary but play with the turns here. I am still using original resistor and LED
DIY electronics experiments as an electronics enthusiast.