New Version DSO138 Oscilloscope JYE Tech SMD’s Build pt1

An upgraded version of the DSO138 Oscilloscope by JYE Tech Ltd.
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Electronic kit build including SMD’s
This version I have to solder the SMD’s which are normally pre-soldered. I have never soldered SMD’s before so am popping my SMD cherry, if you get me.

They claim: Significantly lowered noises. Comparing: [NEW] vs [OLD] in measuring the built-in test signal.
Waveform can be saved to and recalled from non-volatile memory.
Enhancement in Test Mode with auto short-circuit detection capability.
Supports two types of TFT controllers (ILI9341 and ILI9325/9328).

Going to build pre-test, calibrate the probe and troubleshoot if necessary.

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